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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Voices Carry

Yesterday morning the Orange line was EXTREMELY crowded, which for the time I ride was not unusual, but this was over the top. I found a spot in the corner to sit and was ready to continue my latest thriller novel when something piqued my interest... the girl next to me said to her, (I can only guess lover/boyfriend) "Are we going to talk about this or not?" I was trying not to listen, ... Seriously... but I did. Basically, it sounded like she cheated and he wasn't sure what to do. She left the Metro crying and he seemed really upset. I know, I'm horrible.

After she exited, I was squished next to a early twenty-something DOD guy. I know this, because he was wearing his badge ... that had his name, badge number, where he works, etc. clearly printed on it. I quietly leaned over to him and kindly mentioned, "Hey, you probably shouldn't wear that in public places." I winked and smiled, to let him know I wasn't nagging, just being friendly. He replied with a cocky lifted eyebrow, "I think I'll be okay." Now, it's common knowledge in the intelligence community that you DO NOT wear your badge around in public places. So, if you want to know his name I have it ... he was probably an intern anyway.

Speaking of interns, when I transferred trains, there were these two guys, clearly in college, dressed in typical blue blazers and Gap khakis. They were talking so loud I looked around to see if I was the only one who had noticed....I was. Apparently I'm the last person on the planet who doesn't own an Ipod. The guys were talking about their internships. "Dude, so I was telling her I wasn't doing it wrong," "I know they totally think we're stupid!".... The train conductor announced we were approaching Dupont Circle....(and...wait for it) "Ah, shit we got on the wrong train!!" I had to bite my hand to keep from laughing.

All this before 8am, maybe riding the Metro isn't so bad.


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If anything, atleast the metro is giving you good material for your blog. Nice one Ness!

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