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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Causal Weekends

Last night at a dinner party a few of us girls were all discussing their favorite designer labels and where they all shop. We all were shocked to find out that each of us is completely ignored at our favorite “high-end” shops. No, I do not want to be dotted upon while I shop, however unlocking a dressing room or finding my size in the back would be helpful.

My husband and I fell victim to this unaccommodating behavior when we were at Brooks Brothers. In fact, every time we go into Brooks Brothers - Tysons. All the sales people would open rooms, get sizes, and be friendly to the other shoppers and we would walk around with our hands full in search of an open dressing room. When we finally walked up to pay (none of the other shoppers purchased anything) they almost seemed amazed that my credit card went through. Unbelievable! I would quit shopping there, but I love their clothes for work.

After I relayed my story to the other girls at the party, they all began giving a list of the “high-end” stores that seem notorious for this behavior: Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Saks, Chanel (also at Tysons). Each of us hold professional jobs; a college professor, an attorney, a film producer, and a corporate statistician, however we still get treated like we made a wrong turn into their store.

The Verdict: We all don’t look like our professional jobs.

All week long all of us wear suits or something along the lines of business wear, also high heels and the dreadful panty hose. On the weekends, it is time for jeans, flip-flops, and college sweatshirts or old Roxy shirts. I am not going to doll-up to go to the MALL! We are not on 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive. And even if I was, I am still not wearing heels!

All around the Galleria these women are dotting their Chloe’ bags and wearing more makeup than I wear all week.

IT’S STILL THE MALL! The mall! The mall where we used to go and pick up a cassette single and Orange Julius! The mall where we had to work at night and on the weekends for minimum wage. The mall that still houses The Gap, Wet Seal, and Payless Shoes!

In Seattle, Melinda Gates shops at the mall in JEANS! (I know, I used to work at the Nordstrom she shopped at.)

Why do we have to dress up on the weekends?

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