Washington to Washington

My journey from Seattle, WA to Washington, DC. When we moved here we began to discover the differences from the west coast and the east coast--and I'm not talking about the music. It's a fun look at the differences and prespectives from one Washington to the other.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fairfax County, Virginia

I guess when I moved to the east coast I was excepting what you see the movies -- long roads with huge oak trees, kids in prep-school uniforms jumping in piled leaves, ladies dressed in the lastest fashions strolling along shops, etc. You know what I mean. Well, I was right about the streets. Viriginia looks a lot like... well, Seattle. Since we live in the suburbs, it looks even more like Seattle.

Yes, of course, there are parts of the DC area that are very colonial and lovely, but we live in a typical apartment that you would find anywhere around the west coast. (Except for the central air...very nice feature!)

We chose Fairfax/Falls Church/McLean (pronounced "McClain"... don't ask me why!) area because it was close to DC without the high rent. Plus, we know some colleagues that live in the area and they said it was a decent place to live.

We found our apartment online, so we didn't see it in person until we drove up. I personally DO NOT recommend doing that! However, it's grown on us -- especially the cats, although, if there is sunlight on their kitty towers, I don't think they care.

This area is very nice, but our lease is up in November -- hopefully the area's real estate bubble will pop by then so we can find a little condo in the area.

(This is Remus and Lloyd...our babies! )

Welcome to 'Washington to Washington'

Washington to Washington

This is the story about my journey from Seattle, Washington to Washington, DC. My journey began in December, when my husband ('Odin') and I found out that he got a job in Washington, DC. For two Political Psychologists, moving to DC was a childhood dream come true. We both finished up our Master's dissertations a year ago, so we were primed to head over to the Nation's Capitol and make a difference.

We soon found out it wasn't the jobs that was hard to adjust to, (we both love what we both do) -- it was living on the east coast!

I hope you enjoy walking in my shoes as I take you through my Washington, DC.