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Monday, November 06, 2006

That was me…then.

Living in the DC area I was expecting to see people everywhere shouting to “Get out the Vote,” “Rock the Vote”, “Vote or Die”, “Vote for Me! Don’t vote for Them!” But, today was rather quiet. Even at my Starbucks, everyone was talking about other things.

When elections come around it always reminds me of high school. Not because I was Class President, far from it in fact. But what were these people, who are professing that they will change the world if we check their box, like in high school? Were they that annoying know-it-all? Or the shy beatnik in the back of the drama class? Or the Homecoming Queen with the spotty reputation? Or were they the nice guy that transferred from the rival school?

I was none of those, I was a geek.

Not the cool kind of nerd that played D & D or RISK, and was in the honor classes.

No. I was in Colorguard/Band.

This label at my high school in Southern California equaled: Outcast.

The funny thing is if you asked me right out high school if I was popular or a nerd I would say, “I was neither, but I knew a lot of people.” This, of course, line is universal for: “I was a NOBODY, but I don’t want YOU to know that!”

The reality of where I fell in my high school caste system came down a few years before my 10 year high school reunion. I was at a Hollywood club with my friend Matt and few of his film school buddies. One of his classmates brought a fellow future filmmaker Lance Weber. Now, I knew “of” Lance from high school. He was part of the popular crowd in the year before me. When I mentioned that I knew him and that we went to the same high school, he, of course, looked dumbfounded.

“Really? Were you a cheerleader?” Lance asked.
“Umm, no.” I replied.
“Student Union?”
“No. I was on the colorguard.”
“You were part of the DOG SQUAD??” Lance yelled and laughed.

I mortified. Three years of my high school career was quickly defined as the ‘dog squad years.’ I knew I should have listened to my other friends, who lived by my dad, NOT to gone out for the tall flag team.

Lance saw my face fall and tried to recover just as quickly. “But, YOU are not a DOG! I mean, most of those girls were UGLY! I mean COYOTE UGLY! But not you! I mean…”
“Hey buddy! Those girls are still my friends!!” That of course changed just as fast. I found out later, “those girls” used to call me slut behind my back, according to Mark Peet who used to play Baritone. (Which was funny, because I never had a boyfriend in high school?)

When my invitation to my 10 year reunion came, I declined.

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Anonymous M said...

Did we actually have a reunion? I wonder how lame it was? It must have been when I was living in Wales, guess my invitation got lost, aww. I am so sad I missed the opportunity to spend an evening with a bunch of people I didn't give 2 craps about a decade ago and still don't - and vice versa. That is so funny, it didn't even register that we were THAT old! Oh well, maybe we'll make it to the next one - LOL!

10:43 PM  
Blogger Aiden's Mommy said...

The "Dog Squad"...."Geek"... "A Nobody!" Hold on just a minute; I'm completely offended! And as for those friends of yours, I never called you a slut behind your back. I was real. I'd say it to your face or pass you note during algebra atleast. LMAO :P

12:10 AM  
Blogger Aiden's Mommy said...

Monique's got it right! I was on the committee for my class reunion and I still hated every minute of that reunion. Nobody wants to take part in the my horse is bigger than your horse. We all knew people were making shit up! The part I loved the most....inner "click" dating 10 years later. The drama never stopped. I wanted to shout "GROW THE F$@# UP ALREADY..." you're going to be 30!

12:12 AM  

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